About Payday SOS

PaydaySOS is not a direct lender, we provide a service that aims to quickly connect customers with lenders that offer loans that may work for them. Over the years PaydaySOS has built a vast network of short term lenders who are able to provide customers with loans between $200 and $50,000. Payday loans are short term loans to help consumers manage a wide range of emergency expenses. When customers run low on funds before payday, they look to payday lenders for quick cash. Unlike traditional personal loan offices, PaydaySOS provides customers with a way to borrow quick cash online.

The online loan request process is easy with PaydaySOS. Customers visit www.PaydaySOS.com, and fill out our online form. The online process is quick, taking less than five minutes to complete from start to finish. Our lenders do require certain personal information including your social security number, banking information, and so on. To learn how PaydaySOS uses your personal information visit our Privacy Policy. Our online forms are safe and secure. Encrypted pages help protect our forms from online hackers. You never have to worry about submitting your personal information through PaydaySOS.

One of the advantages to taking out a personal loan is the relaxed credit requirement. Many financial institutions will turn away borrowers with poor credit. Payday loan lenders will often provide short term funding to even those with poor credit marks such as bankruptcy or bounced checks.

After you've submitted your information, PaydaySOS will attempt to connect you with a lender isntantly. If you are approved for a personal loan you can receive the funds to your account in most cases within one business day. PaydaySOS is not the lender, but does the work of connecting you with a lender.

PaydaySOS customers should always borrow responsibly. PaydaySOS is not a lender, and cannot answer questions regarding your loan. Please review the terms of your loan before accepting. Review interest rates, and be aware of your due date. Should you have any questions about your loan, please contact your lender directly.

PaydaySOS works with lenders who abide by U.S. lending regulations and abide by Truth in Lending, Equal Credit Opportunity Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices, and more. We work closely with the Online Lender s Alliance to help protect consumers against illegitimate lending practices. If you have any questions regarding our services please contact us here. Customer service is a priority to us, and we look forward to serving you.